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About Us

We are a group of passionate and hard working healthcare professionals across Australia who are committed to making a difference in the lives of 3000 forgotten children in rural and remote locations in Bali, Indonesia. Their circumstances deny them the childhood we, living in Australia, are fortunate and grateful to have experienced. Basic survival needs are not granted for these children and they must work very hard to support their families on a daily basis. As such, not many of them get the opportunity to go to school, and those who can, attend inconsistently. For the children who do attend school, their shoes and school uniforms get worn out very quickly, resulting in their body being exposed to the elements regardless of the season, thereby causing them foot infections amongst other illnesses. Our ‘Barefoot Bali’ campaign aims to raise awareness of their situation and at the same time, $30,000. The entire amount of money raised will be used to provide the children of the rural communities supported by the Indonesian NGO Anak Alam, with shoes, school uniforms and other aids, thereby better assisting them in attending school and receiving a better education. This would then enable them to strive for a better quality of life, the life which we ourselves sometimes take for granted. We are truly excited about having a positive impact on these children's lives and look forward to your support in helping us achieve this goal. Help us in kick-starting their dreams and to live a better quality of life. Help us help them see a brighter future.
Sydney, NSW, Australia
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